Football Helium Balloon And Blimps , Soccer Advertising Ball Inflatable Sports

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Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
ब्रांड नाम: Asia Inflatables
प्रमाणन: CE,UL
Model Number: Advertising Balloon
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
मूल्य: 30-299USD
Packaging Details: carton bags
Payment Terms: Western Union , T/T
Supply Ability: 500pcs/ month
Type: Inflatable Soccer MOQ: 1pcs
Accessory: Repair kits, Ropes, etc Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Usage: Throwing, Advertising Printing: Digit Printing
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custom advertising inflatables


outdoor inflatables

Football Helium Balloon And Blimps , Soccer Advertising Ball Inflatable Sports

Size: Customized
Material: 0.18mm helium quality PVC meets EN71, ASTM related standards, can bear low temperature ( about -20 degrees centigrade )
Free Repair kits with patching material and ropes.

Product Details


PVC 0.18mm




Inflatable balloon



Place of origin

Guangdong , China (Mainland)


Standard export carton

Brand Name

Aisa Inflatables

Supply Ability




Payment and Shipping Terms





Delivery Time

5 - 7 days

Payment Terms

T/T,  Western Union


Repair kits , glue , ropes .


Durable , attractive , versatile ,


Used for lifting , cameras , radio antennas , electro-optical sensors , radio-relay equipment and advertising banners - often for long durations . Moored balloons are also used for position marking and bird control work
Advertisement , either by lifting up advertisement signs , or by using a balloon with advertisements on it . Often both methods are combined


The inflatable blimp can be used as the advertising products in the company opening celebrations , parties , exhibitions and so on .
It just needs a few minutes to inflate or deflate .
Also your company’s logo or slogan can be printed on it . The inflatable blimp with your logo or slogan flying in the sky can bring you much unexpected effect .

A blimp , or non-rigid airship , is an airship without an internal supporting framework or keel . A non-rigid airship differs from a semi-rigid airship and a rigid airship (e.g., a Zeppelin) in that it does not have any rigid structure, neither a complete framework nor a partial keel, to help the airbag maintain its shape . Rathe r, these aircraft rely on both a higher pressure of the lifting gas (usually helium) inside the envelope and the strength of the envelope itself .


1. How to take care of your cartoon balloon:
Never fly your balloon on bad weather conditions. If the wind is above 20 miles per hour or if it's raining, bring your cube down or deflate and store.
Never over inflate your balloon with helium. Helium expands  when the temperature rises and contracts when it's cold. During the day the cube may look more inflated or less inflated because of these temperature changes. When inflating the Helium balloon take care to inflate to the point were it still gives when you press. Try to inflate when the temperature is higher so the helium is expanded.  If the balloon over inflates the balloon could be damaged and it will be easier for outside objects to damage your balloon. In the case of over inflation, take some helium out until it feels firm but not tight.
Store your cube in a safe and dry container and area. When storing the Helium Balloon make sure that it is clean an dry in order for it to have a longer life span
To clean a cube use mild dishwasher soap diluted in water. Use a cloth damped with the cleaner and carefully spot clean the cube , making sure not to damage the lettering or print. The more careful you are with your Helium Balloon the longer you will enjoy the balloon.
2. How maintain and store your helium cartoon:
With proper care, handling, your inflatable should serve you well for an indefinite period. To clean, use warm water with mild detergent and a soft cloth. Dry it completely using another soft cloth. If the inflatable is not going to be used for several days, make sure that it’s clean and dry before storing in protective bag.
3. How to inflatable the helium balloon:
1 ) Check to make sure the tether line harness is not tangled and the lines are tied securely to the inflatable.
2 ) Attach one end of the tether lien to the metal harness ring on the underside of the balloon. Only one tether line is required. Do not attaché other lines to any other part of the balloon as it will put undue stress on the fabric and cause the balloon to tear.
3 ) Before inflating the balloon secure the tether line to a heavy, secure object. An assistant at this point would be helpful.
4 ) Screw the metal inflation hose adapter tightly into the valve of the helium tank.
5 ) Insert the inflation hose about 12 inches into the valve on the underside of the inflatable filling valve by unscrewing the second section of valve and hold it firmly.
6 ) Turn the helium tank valve on VERY SLOWLY.  High pressure at the beginning could rupture the inflatable and cause the hose to whiplash. As the inflatable starts to unfold and the pressure inside the tank starts to diminish, you may then open the valve more. If the hose starts to ice, reduce the flow of helium.
7 ) Inflate until wrinkles disappear from the hull of the inflatable and its just firm, do not over inflate. Remember that helium will expand and contract in hot or cold weather.
8 ) Turn the helium tank off.
9 ) Remove the inflation hose from the inflatable valve being careful not to let any helium escape.
10 ) Close the valve on the inflatable.
11 ) Raise the inflatable slowly to the height desired and tie it securely at that point. As you let the inflatable rise, check the tether line to make sure there are no weak or frayed areas.


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